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How an AI-powered radiograph interpretation tool could improve outcomes and enhance workflow efficiency within veterinary clinics.

There’s a “palpable” excitement among veterinary professionals as they recognize the transformative potential of AI technology, said Nitay Gold, vice president of sales and marketing at SignalPET. Indeed, Gold said he has noticed an increasing number of practitioners seeking to explore and integrate AI-powered solutions into their practices.

The conversations often revolve around the ways AI can elevate diagnostic precision, streamline workflows, and ultimately improve patient care outcomes. “Many veterinarians are intrigued by the prospect of having an intelligent partner to assist in radiographic interpretation, enhancing their diagnostic accuracy and confidence,” he said. “The interest spans across various specialties, from general practice to specialized fields, highlighting the universal appeal of AI in advancing veterinary care.”

One of those conversations led to the recent announcement of a SignalPET® and Covetrus® collaboration to advance veterinary diagnostic capabilities and accelerate the deployment of SignalPET’s Instant Radiograph Interpretation technology to veterinary practices across the United States. By combining SignalPET’s groundbreaking technology with Covetrus’ distribution channels and market presence, “veterinary clinicians nationwide will gain access to cutting-edge radiograph interpretation tools and enhanced workflow efficiency,” according to a release.


SignalPET’s advanced AI algorithms are meticulously trained on millions of X-ray data points, allowing them to decipher complex patterns and anomalies that might go unnoticed by the human eye, said Gold. “This precision enables us to provide veterinarians with unparalleled insights into radiographic studies.”

One key feature is a deep learning capability, which empowers veterinary professionals to confidently interpret radiographs, even in cases where abnormalities are subtle or complex. The AI-enhanced analysis assists in identifying potential issues that might be overlooked in a traditional interpretation. “Moreover, SignalPET’s AI technology is a result of rigorous research and continuous refinement, ensuring that every interpretation is backed by sound scientific validation and comprehensive training,” Gold said.

By embracing AI, SignalPET provides real-time insights and rapid results, transforming the traditional radiographic interpretation process. This cutting-edge technology streamlines workflow by expediting the interpretation process. It’s like having an additional set of expert eyes that can process information rapidly and accurately, offering a new dimension of diagnostic precision and boosting veterinary confidence.


Gold said SignalPET’s technology is a game changer in optimizing patient outcomes and improving workflow efficiencies. When it comes to patient care, timely and accurate diagnoses are paramount.

SignalPET’s AI-powered platform delivers real-time insights, allowing veterinarians to make informed treatment decisions promptly. This not only expedites patient care but also increases the chances of successful outcomes.

“Additionally, the streamlined workflow provided by SignalPET’s technology is a boon to veterinary practices,” Gold said. “Our software generates comprehensive reports within minutes, eliminating the need for prolonged waiting times. This efficiency not only enhances patient care but also ensures a smoother experience for pet owners. Clinicians can seamlessly continue diagnostics and provide immediate medical care, improving overall practice efficiency.”

Technological advancements like SignalPET’s AI-powered radiography are of paramount importance for radiology in the veterinary field, Gold said. Radiology plays a pivotal role in diagnosis and treatment planning, and any tool that enhances diagnostic accuracy and efficiency holds tremendous value. “SignalPET’s AI technology brings a level of precision that is unparalleled,” he said. “By assisting veterinarians in identifying even the most subtle abnormalities, it adds an extra layer of diagnostic confidence and accuracy. This not only ensures the best possible care for our furry patients but also empowers veterinary professionals to offer precise and effective treatments.”

Moreover, in an ever-evolving field like veterinary medicine, staying at the forefront of technological innovation is essential. Gold said SignalPET’s advancements represent the future of radiology, allowing veterinarians to provide the highest standard of care, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and a brighter future for veterinary medicine as a whole.


With any new technology, there are often questions to be answered and misconceptions to be cleared up. One common misconception about AI is the notion that it will replace human expertise in the veterinary field, Gold said. “However, our perspective is that AI is not meant to replace veterinarians but rather to augment their capabilities. SignalPET’s AI technology serves as a powerful tool, providing real-time insights and enhancing diagnostic accuracy. It’s like having a highly skilled colleague who can quickly analyze data and highlight potential abnormalities, allowing veterinarians to make informed decisions.”

Another misconception is the fear of complexity and difficult integration. “We want to reassure veterinarians that SignalPET’s AI-powered solution is designed with user-friendliness in mind,” Gold said. “Our platform seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, requiring minimal effort to start harnessing its benefits. We provide comprehensive training and support, ensuring a smooth and efficient adoption process.”

Overall, AI is not a distant concept; it’s a practical and accessible tool that empowers veterinary professionals to elevate their practice. “By addressing these misconceptions and offering a clear understanding of the collaborative nature of AI technology, we aim to help veterinarians embrace this innovation with confidence and enthusiasm,” Gold said.

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