New job board is dedicated to the pet industry

PackHire, a new employment search engine and recruiting firm, has launched to help job seekers find opportunities across the pet industry.

Users can search the site to find jobs in veterinary care, grooming and boarding, dog training, rescues and nonprofits, pet food, retail, pet insurance, and new pet care startups, according to the announcement. The service is free to use to find jobs, according to the announcement.

Employers can post jobs on the site, search the candidate resume database and work with industry recruiters to find candidates.

“These businesses need talented, passionate staff to operate and continue to innovate,” sad PackHire founder Seda Bolulu. “Through extensive market research,” Bolulu said, “we discovered that the name job boards created for the masses were not sufficiently catering to the rapidly growing $100 billion pet industry, and we wanted to build the platform where employers and candidates can easily and cost-efficiently find their pack.”