Clipper Distributing and Inaba Foods launch Churu Veterinarian Formula

Inaba Foods and Clipper Distributing have launched Churu Veterinarian Formula, an appetite stimulator for cats.

The all-natural puree comes in chicken and tuna flavors, with a 12 kcal option, called Churu Nourish, and a 4 kcal option, called Churu Diet.

“Churu Nourish provides sufficient nourishment and high palatability” to help stimulate cats’ appetite, according to Clipper. The Diet option “is super low in calories to regulate weight, as well as ensure efficacy of medicine intake.”

As an appetite motivator, Churu helps reduce anxiety and improve post-surgery recovery when cats won’t eat or drink. The formula can also be used for exam distraction, nail trimming and dental exams.

It’s currently available for purchase through distribution.