Covetrus: Strong demand for prescription management and online pharmacy services

Covetrus said it’s seeing “strong demand” for its prescription management and online pharmacy services, “adding to the momentum this business had coming out of 2019.” The company said the acceleration is linked to increased practice engagement and pet owner demand as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the United States.

Over the last three weeks, the Covetrus network of pharmacies has seen a significant increase in the number of prescriptions for medications and therapeutic diet food to be filled and shipped to pet owners on behalf of their veterinarians, with the number of products to be shipped month-to-date growing approximately 45% compared to 2019.

Covetrus said this service has enabled small animal and equine veterinary practices across the country “to focus on delivering exceptional patient care and to continue to safely run their clinics in these uncertain times.” Additionally, the company said it has recently seen a spike in inquiries and enrollments from practices looking to set up their own prescription management and online store and gain this support from Covetrus.

“The Covetrus platform and our network of pharmacies allows us to deliver medications and diets, on behalf of veterinarians, directly to homes and barns of pet and horse owners,” said Georgia Wraight, president of Covetrus Global Technology Solutions. “We are grateful that we can help veterinarians provide their clients the necessary medications to keep pets healthy, while also supporting these small business owners by keeping revenues flowing through their own practice during this time of need.”

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