Industry feeling pressure to produce sustainable pet products

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From organically grown pet food to ecologically friendly chew toys, the pet industry is feeling the pressure to produce more socially and environmentally sustainable pet products, according to AAHA NEWSTat.

The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), in collaboration with the World Pet Association, interviewed more than 250 pet industry professionals to find out their views of corporate sustainability, insights on consumer demand for environmentally friendly pet products, and suggestions on how the industry can meet the challenges of a changing business landscape. They published their findings in a new report, Looking Towards a Sustainable Pet Industry.

When asked to look ahead into the next five years, 91% of respondents said they expect the demand for environmentally friendly and socially conscious companies to increase – and quickly. Yet 36% of those surveyed say their company doesn’t have any kind of sustainability program. Of those companies that do have a sustainability program, only 23% of respondents rated their companies’ as “effective” or “very effective.”