New guide addresses challenges during feline euthanasia

The American Association of Feline Practitioners released a new “End of Life Educational Toolkit” to help veterinarians address challenges during the euthanasia process.

According to the announcement, the guide addresses aspects of the euthanasia process such as early quality of life discussion, decision-making, the euthanasia experience for both veterinary professionals and caregivers, and how to support a client through final arrangements and beyond. It covers topics such as recommended sedatives and anesthetic protocols for cats, as well as “strategies for setting up the practice environment with comfort in mind,” said Dr. Wendy Simpson, an AAFP task force chair.

“Successful end-of-life care is about more than just medicine. It is about creating a peaceful transition for our patients and their owners,” Simpson said. “The AAFP task force is committed to compassionate end-of-life care and is pleased to offer a new educational resource for veterinary professionals to help guide them through this practice.”

The guide is available on the AAFP website.