New program offers artificial intelligence training for health care professionals

A new certificate program at the University of Illinois aims to help health care professionals learn how to choose the right artificial intelligence software for their organizations.

The online, self-paced “Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Certificate” program offers continuing education credits for participants in human and veterinary health. Unlike other artificial intelligence programs, which are often designed for students with coding skills, this one is designed to help clinicians understand key concepts and applications of AI in medicine.

By the end of the course, participants should be able to read literature related to artificial intelligence in medicine, understand how data-driven decisions are made and participate in the selection and purchase of AI-based medical software for their organizations.

The course is divided into six modules. Among other things, modules train participants in key concepts of artificial intelligence; understanding ethical and regulatory concerns around machine learning; and real-world applications of AI in medicine for diagnosing diseases and interpreting tests.

“We have created this program to meet an urgent need for AI training in the health care community,” said Mark A. Anastasio, head of the University of Illinois’ department of bioengineering.