Zoetis launches Vetscan Imagyst for rapid diagnosis of intestinal parasites

Zoetis has launched Vetscan Imagyst for rapid diagnosis of intestinal parasites in dogs and cats.

The platform detects internal parasite eggs, cysts and oocysts, providing test results within nine minutes so pet owners don’t have to return for a second appointment.

Vetscan Imagyst’s first indication will be for testing fecal samples for parasites, with the potential for broader applications in the future, according to Zoetis. It uses image recognition technology, algorithms and cloud-based artificial intelligence to deliver accurate testing results to clinics.

“Parasites are a threat throughout the year, making routine monitoring critical to pet health,” said Richard Goldstein, VP of global diagnostics medical affairs at Zoetis. “With Vetscan Imagyst, the ability to have accurate, fast results at the point of care empowers veterinarians to diagnose and treat in the same visit, increasing compliance and eliminating follow-up appointments and call-backs, thus enhancing the overall pet owner experience.”

Screening for intestinal parasites is critical to help protect pets and their families from zoonotic risks, Zoetis said. The Companion Animal Parasite Council generally recommends fecal testing for dogs and cats at least four times in the first year of life, and at least twice a year in adults, depending on patient health and lifestyle factors.