New online resource seeks to improve mental health among bovine vets

Veterinary students, young practitioners and even more experienced vets often haven’t been prepared for high-stress events like a surgery gone wrong or a bad run of calvings, according to the American Association of Bovine Practitioners.

“These are realities of practice,” said Liz Brock, a Maine practitioner and director of AABP District 1. “We don’t typically talk about the times we fail as veterinarians. In addition, I personally have struggled with depression and anxiety in a big way, much of which is triggered by moments that don’t go right.”

Brock began a series on the association’s Facebook page called “Humans of AABP,” where veterinarians can share their stories with each other about the hard parts of practice. “In part so we can lift each other up, but mostly so the hidden masses know they aren’t alone,” Brock said.

“As an organization, AABP can help veterinarians by normalizing the personal challenges we face and provide a platform to support our colleagues through them,” Brock said.

“It is likely that most of us have struggled at one point or another during our career,” said veterinarian and AABP executive director Fred Gingrich. “AABP wants to provide a platform where we can share these stories which we hope will ultimately help those who are currently in a crisis to realize they are not alone and AABP is here to support them.”

More information on the resource is available in the announcement in Drovers.