Virox’s Intervention disinfectant approved for use against African swine fever

Virox’s Intervention Farm Disinfectant-Cleaner Concentrate has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use against African swine fever virus.

The infection protection company announced that the addition of the ASFv claim “provides confidence that Intervention will be highly effective in the event of an outbreak in North America.”

African swine fever has devastated China’s pork industry since 2018, and other outbreaks have occurred throughout Asia and Europe, including recently in Germany. Officials have been warning of the dangers of an outbreak in the United States, which could have extreme consequences, from depopulation of herds to the long-term economic impacts from resulting trade limitations. While it causes high mortality in pigs, the virus doesn’t affect humans.

With no treatment option available, prevention, including rigorous cleaning and disinfection, is a key defense, Virox said.

When used as directed, Intervention is non-toxic, non-irritating and readily biodegradable, according to the announcement. For ASFv, Intervention concentrate should be applied for a contact time of 10 minutes at a 1:64 dilution.

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