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Veterinary practices can strengthen the bond with new clients by advocating pet wellness plans and pet insurance. 

Pet ownership exploded during the pandemic. The combination of spare time and a desire for companionship were the primary drivers behind adoption. The repercussions of that pet ownership explosion, however, is that those new pet owners have underestimated the responsibilities that come with the new pets. For instance, 36% of first-time pet owners feel it will be difficult to care for their pets once the pandemic has ended, and 58% of first-time pets indicated they plan to re-home their pets after the pandemic, according to M/A/R/C® Research. Brad Seipel, senior vice president of M/A/R/C® Research, said veterinarians should be very involved in what happens next. “The challenging part is that pet ownership is harder than people thought. This is a unique time. Right now, it’s hard to get an appointment at your veterinary clinic because it’s so busy. It’s hard to get a veterinarian on the phone because they’re so busy.”

In the following articles, Veterinary Advantage examines a pair of tools that veterinary practices can use to acquire and retain these new pet owners as clients – pet wellness plans and pet insurance.

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