Are You Taking Orders or Taking Charge?

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Today’s veterinary clinics need your industry insights on more than products – think solutions to inventory management, client communications, and more.

Hey, veterinary sales pros, gather around. It’s time to cut through the noise and settle a debate that’s been like an itch you can’t scratch. Enough beating around the bush. Managers are up to here with “lazy order takers,” and I’ve seen reps trade insults like kids with trading cards, each one sharper than a vet’s scalpel: “You’re nothing but an order taker.”

So, let’s get down to brass tacks. What separates a real salesperson from an order taker in the veterinary game, and why the heck should you care?

Drop the name tags. It’s not about what you’re called; it’s about the juice you bring to the table. It’s the attitude you rock when you roll into work, the swagger you have with clients, and the hustle you pour into every deal. Are you the one lighting the fire, or are you just warming your hands over the coals? It’s not about tossing a price list across the counter; it’s about crafting a solution that makes the vet’s job easier and the pets’ lives better.

Here’s the skinny:

Order takers are those who sit on their duffs and react. Their anthem? “Hit me up if you want it.” They’re parked by the phone, praying for a ring. Sure, they dish out info and make an okay buck. But let’s be real: they’re just taking up space.

Enter the salesperson – the dynamo, the mover and shaker. They’re not waiting for a green light; they’re the ones painting the town red, setting the pace, and swinging for the fences on every pitch. They don’t just serve answers; they’re dishing out solutions like a five-star chef. They’re the heroes who know what their clients need before the clients do. What’s their prize? More than a paycheck; they’re building empires of trust and stacks of success.

They create an experience. They’re the ones writing the handwritten thank-you notes in their car immediately after the call. They’re the ones who show up in a costume for their lunch and learn because they know if they make the customer smile, they will be more open to their product message. They’re the one who shows up with the Weber Grill on a hot summer day during lunch to flip burgers for their favorite client.

Let’s bring it home with a simple picture, no wild metaphors needed. Think of the bartender versus the sommelier. The bartender, like the order taker, is there to fill your glass on cue. Efficient? Sure. Memorable? Hardly.

But the sommelier of the vet sales world? That’s your gold standard. They don’t wait in the wings; they’re front and center, quizzing you on your clinic, diving deep into what makes your practice purr. They’re not just slinging drinks; they’re crafting experiences, pairing problems with solutions like a gourmet meal.

Decision time

Are you the one taking notes or the one making waves? Are you the one reacting to the day’s orders or the one shaping the day with bold ideas and even bolder actions?

Make your choice. Are you going to blend into the wallpaper, or are you going to stand out like a lighthouse in the fog of mediocrity?

If you want to be a linchpin in the veterinary scene, knowing your stuff isn’t enough. You’ve got to show you’re the one who goes the extra mile, who gets the quirks and perks of vet life, and who’s all in for your clients.

In the wild world of veterinary sales, being a walking brochure won’t cut it. You’ve got to be the partner every clinic wants on speed dial, the ally every pet owner trusts, and the advisor who’s got the goods.

When you’re gearing up for that next sales call, give yourself the mirror test: Are you ready to be the headliner, not the opening act? Are you geared up to not just show up but to show off what makes you indispensable?

Choose to be the rep who doesn’t just hit targets but blasts them to smithereens. Be the guru who knows the ins, outs, ups, downs, and can turn a “maybe” into a “yes” before the others have gotten through the door.

So, grab that phone, lock in those meetings, and stride into those clinics like you own the place. Show your clients you’re not just there to fill an order; you’re there to take their practice to the stratosphere. That’s how you leave your mark, build a legacy, and stand out in the dog-eat-dog world of veterinary sales.


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Brian Sullivan, CSP, is the founder of PRECISE Selling and a leading voice in the field of sales training and development. He believes in the potential of every salesperson to achieve their best and continually challenges sales professionals to reach new heights. To have Brian Sullivan or one of his stable of trainers and coaches help your team get to the top, visit him at


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