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Closing Thoughts  |  3 Questions for an Animal Health Leader

With a strong trust between pet owners and the veterinarian, clinics have a window of opportunity to secure preventive purchases.


How have online prescriptions been affected in the last 12 months? 

Dr. Sinclair-Torre: The pandemic has confirmed that pet owners are open to purchasing their pet’s food, toys, and medications online like their groceries or prescriptions. What is essential, though, is that pet owners are getting products from trusted partners.


How do vets compete for those dollars?

Dr. Sinclair-Torre: Many veterinary clinics are running online pharmacies, with options like auto-ship, to compete with online retailers directly. There is still a strong trust between pet owners and the veterinarian, so in my opinion, if vets take the time to recommend a product and have the owners understand the why behind the recommendation, there is a greater likelihood that the pet owner will purchase at the time of their appointment.


New pet owners present challenges, but how do veterinary practices capitalize on their need for knowledge?

Dr. Sinclair-Torre: We all know that pet ownership takes knowledge, preparation, and patience. This reality is often overshadowed by the excitement of bringing home a new pet. Based on our survey, we can confirm that first-time pet owners are experiencing a few more challenges than experienced pet owners.

To help prevent some of the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty among pet owners, veterinarians may want to ensure an open line of communication with clients who are first-time owners or recently brought in another pet during the pandemic to see if they need advice or help with their pets’ treatment plan. This communication can be as simple as a call or text to check-in.

We all know that staff time is very limited. Therefore alternative options such as posts on social media with links to trusted resources, emails, podcasts, or blogs could be a great platform to deliver relevant information. From preventative care, behavioral tips, and setting expectations of timely veterinary visits around vaccination protocols and surgeries like spays and neuters, it’s important for veterinary professionals to help make pet parenting successful, rewarding, and as seamless as possible.


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Dr. Nicole Sinclair-Torre is the associate director of the East Area for Merck Animal Health Veterinary Professional Services. Dr. Sinclair-Torre has continued to expand her knowledge by recently completing her MBA. Since joining Merck Animal Health in 2016, Dr. Sinclair-Torre held roles as a senior professional services veterinarian in the New York and New Jersey Area, completed a 1-year internal rotational opportunity as a senior brand manager, and most recently is the associate director of veterinary professional services for the East Area.

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