Efficiency Gains


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The tips, tricks, best practices – and pitfalls to avoid – that your customers need to know so they are operating at peak efficiency.

It’s not just what they purchase – it’s how they manage it. Indeed, inventory costs are behind only labor in terms of costs for veterinary practices. Yet many staff members responsible don’t have the experience, resources or necessary training to know how to keep the practice running smoothly. That’s a lot of wasted money, and efficiency, in the veterinary practice workplace.

“First and foremost, we can’t treat our patients or serve our clients without inventory,” said Nicole Clausen, an inventory expert and consultant for veterinary practices. “The whole reason many of us are a part of veterinary medicine is to care for and treat our patients (or enable others to serve their patients and clients). If we don’t have the appropriate inventory in stock, we’re not able to achieve our mission and our own personal ‘why.’”

In the following articles, Vet-Advantage asked several experts to explain the most common frustrations and keys to success in the companion animal practice when it comes to a vital part of the business where they could use some efficiency gains – inventory management.

On the production side, Vet-Advantage asked a livestock expert about a recent study conducted to understand the resistance prevalence among bacterial pathogens in beef cattle suspected to have bovine respiratory disease (BRD), and what the results mean for cattle producers treating animals for BRD.


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