Creating a Brighter Future for the Veterinary Workforce


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How the veterinary industry can attract and maintain a healthy workforce in the years to come.

According to Merck Animal Health’s recent Veterinary Wellbeing Study, almost three-quarters of veterinary professionals express personal satisfaction with their career, but there are still factors they voiced concerns about. You’ve heard them before – exhaustion, work-life balance, and a shortage of vets.

Last year, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) surveyed nearly 15,000 veterinary professionals from all practice roles and found that, among those currently in clinical practice, 30% indicated they planned to leave their current job within the coming year. Their reasons varied. According to AAHA, some were open to a job at a different practice, others planned to work in vet med outside the clinic, and others intended to leave the profession entirely.

Is the industry making strides in promoting health and well-being among its workforce? What can the veterinary profession do to keep those high-value employees in animal health? Vet-Advantage examined the Veterinary Wellbeing Study for more clues, and asked a pair of independent veterinary practices about their ideas on the crucial topic.