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Midwest Veterinary Supply is offering pet owners an easy way to support two great causes. 

The change happened when Aura arrived. Aura is a retired military working dog with the Marine Corps. She was trained as a PED, which means Patrol Explosive Detection, so she could sniff out explosives and enemy combatants.

But after retirement, she had a new mission – the family dog. Mark Daniels’ was Aura’s first and only handler. They were deployed together in 2013. Aura ended up being retired to the Daniels’ family in May of 2015, and “now she is our family dog,” said Jessica Daniels, Mark’s wife.

“I have seen a big change in Mark since Aura has been home,” she said. “For myself and my girls too, she’s just completely a blessing.”

Through its partnership with Hope for the Warriors, Midwest Veterinary Supply is able to support families like the Daniels. Hope for the Warriors is a nonprofit veteran service organization that provides assistance to combat wounded service members and their families. When pet owners take home an exclusive mVet Green Camo Collar, 100% of the net profit will be donated to Hope for the Warriors.

Two collars, two causes

Midwest has two different collars selling for a cause. Its Green Camo Collar supports Hope for the Warriors. Its other collar, a Pink Camo Collar, supports the Susan G. Komen Foundation in the fight against breast cancer.

“Midwest is a family and employee-owned company, and we really take pride in family-based initiatives,” said Cheryl Ahlquist, director of marketing for Midwest Veterinary Supply. “Pets play an important role in our lives and the healing process. So if you are healing from breast cancer or a tour of duty or military life, pets are a key component to that.”

Ahlquist said Midwest started supporting Susan G. Komen at the end of 2017 and began the Green Camo Collar initiative to support Hope for the Warriors in 2019. Midwest plans to support both in 2020.

The response to the causes has been great at the clinic level. “Not only do our reps share what we’re doing with our clinics, but the clinics are getting involved. They let their pet owners know that when they buy these collars it’s for a cause, which in turn the pet owners will benefit from.”

There has been a great deal of support and enthusiasm for the causes at an industry level. Midwest reps promoted the collars at recent industry events such as VMX. Last fall, a group of Midwest reps dressed in special pink t-shirts to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ahlquist said they’ve gotten lots of positive feedback from veterinarians, to manufacturer and vendor reps, about purchasing the collars.

“The veterinary industry is about community,” said Ahlquist. “With pets, you’re caring for an extended member of the family. Both of these causes touch our lives in some capacity. We are so lucky to work in the animal health industry and support the power of the animal-human bond.”