Staying Connected at Patterson’s new HQ


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Patterson Animal Health’s new headquarters is big on space and workplace camaraderie.

Patterson Animal Health has a new location to call home. The organization recently moved its office headquarters from Greeley, Colorado, about 20 miles down the road to Loveland, Colorado, with the goal of creating a more collaborative, enjoyable atmosphere, the company said.

There were many factors in the decision to move the Patterson Animal Health headquarters from Greeley to Loveland, said George Henriques, Companion Animal president. Besides the logistical factors of the timing of the lease and being more centrally located for their employee base, one of the critical factors came down to cohesiveness.

“The Patterson brand is cohesive, and we want to make sure every business unit reflects that,” Henriques said. “The previous headquarters lacked the branding design that has become synonymous with Patterson as a whole, and the offices were segmented onto different floors with no common spaces for employees to gather. As a company focused on teamwork and collaboration, we knew it was time to make a move to a bigger and brighter space that reflected that. Moving to a larger space also supports future growth opportunities for Patterson Animal Health’s business and serves as a recruiting tool to retain top talent in the area.”

Patterson Animal Health HQ multipurpose cubicles
Flexible office space

Creating a space for collaboration

Patterson wants employees to be able to get their work done in a productive atmosphere, but also wants them to want to be at the office, Henriques said. “We are already seeing that employees prefer a hybrid model and are choosing to come into the office for meetings and to collaborate,” he said. “This in itself creates camaraderie among co-workers. Those spontaneous conversations by the coffee machine, in-person meetings, and personal interactions cannot be overstated. The new office is set up to have moments like these happen naturally.”

Additionally, the new space is more inviting. The interior is airy with natural light, bigger conference rooms, and plenty of collaboration areas to have a meeting or work away from one’s desk. Not to mention a breathtaking view of the mountains in the background, Henriques said. “The overall aesthetics of the headquarters has the Patterson colors, branding, and prints of our values and mission statement displayed around the office. All this combined has produced a much more enjoyable and satisfying atmosphere to work.”

Henriques said Patterson is a people-first company and is focused on helping employees grow. The new location factors these in by bringing employees together in a space representing and showcasing Patterson’s values.

In September, Patterson celebrated the official grand opening of the headquarters with a cookout and hosted a golf tournament through the Patterson Foundation, with proceeds going to support the Colorado FFA Foundation. “Events like these are about getting people together and staying connected,” Henriques said. “The new location is just going to amplify that.”

Patterson Animal Health HQ conference room
Conference rooms