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By the Numbers


AVMA’s recent survey examines what pet owners want out of the veterinarian-client-patient relationship.



Pet owners who said they put pet’s health and safety above all else as a top priority for veterinary care, according to the survey.



Percentage of pet owner respondents who prefer to meet a veterinarian in-person before allowing them to care for their pet.

“Getting to know the pet and its owner is critical for the pet’s health and safety, and cannot be accomplished through a brief virtual interaction,” said Dr. Rena Carlson, AVMA president.


2 hours

In the AVMA’s Pet Owner Attitude Survey, 78% of respondents seeking emergency pet care received help in less than two hours.

Additionally, 76% were able to secure veterinary appointments within a week, signaling that demand for companion animal veterinary services has begun to return to pre-pandemic levels.


Percentage of pet owners that prefer a veterinarian oversee their pet’s care

The results indicate pet owners have a strong preference for veterinarian-led care, “as opposed to potentially delegating responsibility for care decisions to non-veterinarians, including a proposed midlevel employee, a position that does not currently exist,” said Dr. Carlson. “A veterinarian is uniquely qualified to diagnose, prognose, and recommend an approach to treatment, including prescribing medications and performing surgery.”

88% of pet owners believe that having a veterinarian physically examine their pet and talk to them in-person is what leads to the best care.

“During that visit the veterinarian also gathers information from the pet owner – what their relationship is with the pet, whether they can comfortably and confidently handle it, and what type of care they are able to deliver.”Dr. Carlson said. This supports the development of an appropriate treatment plan that can be carried out by the pet owner.


To read the full 2023 AVMA Pet Owner Attitude Survey click here:


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