3 Questions for Darla Braun, Director of Inside Sales at MWI

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1.  What makes a successful inside sales rep tick?

Braun: To be a successful inside sales rep you must have a passion for what you do, a competitive drive to meet or exceed expectations and to the best of your ability always deliver the best-in-class sales and service to your customers. Those qualities are rewarded, knowing you have helped provide goods and services to save lives and create healthier futures in our animal health industry.

2.  What makes your team unique within your organization?

Braun: MWI Animal Health inside sales specialists are multi-talented individuals with experience in all areas associated with the animal health industry. Our team consists mostly of veterinary technicians who come with a wide range of animal health insights and valuable product knowledge. We are here to support the business needs and the inventory needs of our customers by offering competitive pricing, a wide range of product selection along with many aspects of technology and solution-based services to help our customers succeed in their business. Our customers are more than our business partners, they are part of the MWI Family building healthier futures for the industry we all are passionate about.

3. What do you think has changed amid the pandemic about the conversations inside sales reps are having with accounts?

Braun: Our customer support continues to be steadfast as we have adapted around the unfortunate 2020 pandemic which has required all of us to look at creative ways to do business to ensure continued success. From curbside appointments and regulated farm calls for our customers, we continue to support the business needs by providing best-in-class sales and service via the phone out of our home offices. Our distribution centers have been dedicated to supporting pick, pack, and ship of our products and supplies while our field team has delivered valuable insight on innovative technology to assist with inventory solutions, telehealth options, e-alerts on program notifications, and communication solutions to our customers remotely. Our conversations are somewhat personal in nature as we truly care about the well-being of our customers, our doctors, their staff, and families as we work together to support pet owners and their animal health needs in the industry.