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There are many reasons to be excited about the future of the animal health industry.

As an industry, we tend to focus on the major issues facing the veterinary profession and overall animal health industry, with good reason – we are seeking solutions that ultimately will allow us to take better care of animals and those who care for them. While we certainly face critical issues on many different fronts, we shouldn’t let it distract us from the positive things continuing to happen in our industry. As distributor sales reps, highlighting those positives to your customers is important, as you are, in most cases, their lifeline to the outside world.

Yes, we need solutions that open access to care, solve workforce shortages, promote better mental health, reduce workload and stress, bring more diversity, build stronger cultures in the workplace, increase utilization of time-saving technologies, and more. While some of that feels overwhelming, there are many smart, passionate people working to build consensus around solutions for these issues, and although we won’t always agree on how to get there, the end goals are similar. And in time, your customers and the people and pets they serve will benefit.

I was discussing these issues with a good friend who has come into the animal health industry from human health, which is perhaps an even more challenging environment with similar issues. As we talked through what’s happening in animal health, he stopped me and asked, “I understand there are issues, as there are in any industry, but can you tell me about the positive things happening in animal health?” What a great reset. Despite our issues, can you think of a better industry to be in?

We love our pets, and giving them the best possible lives has created an enviable growth industry that continues to attract capital. Yes, we may have reverted to the mean after the boom years of 2020 and 2021, but we’re still growing, with high expectations for the future. Innovation continues, with new products, drugs and technology being introduced on a regular basis. We are starting to harness the power of the data we collect, and for all the consternation about AI, it appears to be a long-term game changer for the good in animal health.

As distributor sales reps, you sit in a great position, because you can bring these solutions to your customers. They rely on you, not just for your ability to deliver the products they need to run their businesses, but to expose them to what’s new, and can help them provide better care, meet the expectations of their customers, and run more profitable businesses. Keep learning, sharing, and influencing … it’s the key to an even brighter future.


The Positivity Checklist

Need a few quick refreshers on why this industry is so great?


  • The human-animal health bond has never been stronger. In fact, according to a new report commissioned by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, pet ownership saved the U.S. healthcare system $22.7 billion annually.
  • New product introductions are changing the way care is provided. Look no further than monoclonal antibodies, which Dr. Haworth Parks covers on page 46 of this issue.
  • Reps are making a difference. On page 54, Vet-Advantage highlights Zoetis’ April Oleniczak and her work helping to raise a pretty important puppy through Canine Companions.


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