Bimeda Acts On Equine Market Ambitions


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Bimeda’s acquisition in late 2016 of the marketing rights to Ceva Animal Health LLC’s portfolio of equine products in the United States and Canada represents a big step for the company as it aims to increase its presence in the equine market. Vet Advantage: Bimeda Acts on Equine Market Ambitions

“Bimeda is a company that has been primarily focused on livestock in the United States,” says Emmanuelle Lemaire Galliot, DVM, marketing manager, Bimeda. “Today, Bimeda is looking into strategically expanding its activity to other species and therapeutic segments, especially equine, as we have a long history of being in the equine business in Ireland and the UK. The agreement with Ceva to acquire the marketing rights to their equine products in the USA and Tildren in Canada shows Bimeda’s commitments and investment into the equine community.”

The U.S. portfolio comprises Tildren® (tiludronate disodium, NADA# 141-420), altrenogest (ANADA# 200-481), ConfidenceEQ ®, and PentosanEQ™. Bimeda also acquired the marketing rights for Tildren® in Canada.

The new portfolio is the result of Bimeda’s strategy to offer complementary products in several areas, says Galliot. “For example, Bimeda had a single product for reproduction, Oxytocin injection, and now is able to offer altrenogest to cover estrus and pregnancy management as well as foal delivery.” The product had been marketed as Altresyn® (altrenogest) by Ceva Animal Health, but is being renamed Ovamed™.

“Confidence EQ® complements the Xylamed® (xylazine), so that Bimeda now offers two different ways to help manage stress and anxiety in horses,” she says.

“The joint and cartilage support is actually a brand new category for Bimeda. Tildren® and other joint support products are part of this category.”

Bimeda plans to continue investing in the U.S. equine market, says Galliot. “Our research and development pipeline contains several equine products at various stages of development. We expect a steady stream of new products in the coming 24 months.”

Ceva and Bimeda worked together to ensure a smooth transition at all levels of the channel – distribution management, distributor sales teams and veterinary customers, says Galliot. “Communications were sent out to all partners and veterinary customers, informing them of the agreement and the new ordering process where applicable.

“The difference for [Veterinary Advantage] readers is that the products are now part of a bigger portfolio that they can offer to their veterinary customers under one company brand.”