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Exhibitors will get access to every decision-maker in the pet industry at VMX 2023.  

The NAVC is rolling back the clock to the 1980s at VMX 2023 to celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary. “We’re pulling out all the stops to make it memorable,” said Joe Sorrentino, MBA, CMP, NAVC’s senior vice president of live events.

That includes making the exhibit hall floor a unique “must visit event entertainment destination,” with several 1980s themed activities. In addition to continuing education opportunities, attendees will get to enjoy some things never before seen at a veterinary industry conference:

  • A roller-skating rink
  • An arcade complete with classics such as Ms. Pac Man, Centipede, Galaxy and pinball machines
  • A full-time bar where attendees can watch something on TV, grab a coffee or a beer and enjoy their time
Kevin Bacon headshot
VMX kicks off with Kevin Bacon.

Actor Kevin Bacon will kick things off Saturday, January 14, followed by a an appearance on Sunday night from Cole Hauser, who is best known for his role as fan-favorite “Rip Wheeler” on the show Yellowstone. The country, rock, pop fusion and GRAMMY-award-winning trio Lady A will perform for attendees Monday night.

Lady A
A concert with vocal group, Lady A.

Early pricing for VMX was rolled back to mimic 1984, NAVC’s first show, and that’s driven attendance quite a bit. At press time, organizers were anticipating a record-breaking show. In 2020 VMX had its largest gathering with 18,000 attendees. VMX 2023 could see a 25% increase – around 22,000 attendees. Nearly 7,000 first-time attendees are expected. Exhibitors will have access to 20% to 30% more veterinarians, as well as more veterinary nurses, technicians and practice managers. In fact, some veterinary practices are going so far as to close for a few days and bring their entire staff to experience VMX as a team.

Exhibitor at VMX 2022, Boehringer
Exhibitors will have access to 20% to 30% more veterinarians, as well as more nurses, technicians and practice managers.

Vendors, too, are excited to be meeting in person. “I think our average booth size has gone up just because of the lack of being able to connect with clients for the last two years,” Sorrentino said. A lot of exhibitors have their annual sales meetings at VMX. There are already several significant new product rollouts planned via a press conference area designated to promote products and messages to the industry at large.

“We’re really a global show,” Sorrentino said. “This is the largest veterinary show in the world. We’ve got signups of attendees and exhibitors from 60 countries and counting.”

Stress-free area at VMX 2022 with puppies
VMX has become a global show.

Seize the sales

At VMX, exhibitors (including sales reps) will get access to every decision-maker in the pet industry, from the big consolidator veterinary practices to the independent, small veterinary practice owners. Opportunities abound for exhibitors who are prepared and have a solid understanding of what they want to accomplish on the floor.

Learning theater stage at VMX 2022.
Organizers were anticipating a record-breaking show.

“If you’re looking to connect with 10,000 attendees going through your booth … we’ve seen it done,” Sorrentino said. “It’s all about how you prepare and staff your booth, what you’re planning for attendees, and who you’re going after. What kind of qualified leads do you want? They’re there; you’ve just got to drive them to your booth.”