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The story behind EUTHABAG, a crucial part of a veterinary team’s compassionate approach to euthanasia 

Do you struggle with helping clients feel better when it matters most — during euthanasia? Though it’s one of the most challenging appointments for both veterinarians and our clients, many veterinary colleges do not prepare their students for the emotional toll it takes, despite the fact that it happens daily in every practice.

One product — EUTHABAG — can help make euthanasia of a beloved pet a compassionate experience — and make a big impact on the emotional well-being of a veterinary team and their clients. When you help them feel better, they will love you forever. And when they love you, sales follow.

The Moment that Inspired Me

I had a life-changing experience in winter 2008, in Montreal, Canada. Everything was frozen. A radical contrast to the Pacific Coast in Costa Rica where I grew up. I was excited while driving to my next sales call. The sales numbers in my territory were good, and I was pretty sure that Dr. M.G. was going to order the new product that I planned to present. But I immediately noticed in Dr. M.G.’s body language that something was not right. With genuine empathy, I asked what was troubling her.

She told me: “This morning I did one euthanasia that broke my heart.”

I put away all my sales materials. “I understand completely,” I told her. “I’ll make a new appointment to discuss this product.” Dr. M.G. deeply appreciated my empathy and my attempts to make her feel better. Because of that moment of empathy, I became the practice’s favorite rep. That is the magic of the bond we create with our clients. That experience also gave me a moment of inspiration.

From Inspiration to Reality

Years later, my moment of inspiration is a reality. Thousands of veterinary teams choose EUTHABAG because it matches the standard of care they apply every day. EUTHABAG’s sales are growing by 50% across the U.S. Besides the opportunity to sell this product, why does this matter to you, the sales rep? You can help the veterinary professionals you call on to offer a better euthanasia experience for their teams, clients and patients. Through promotions, EUTHABAG supports charities in the U.S., like the Susan Komen Foundation Canine Companions for independence and Not One More Vet. In Costa Rica, we use the phrase “Pura Vida,” which translates to “pure life” or “simple life.” But it is also used when a person is optimistic, even when faced with negative circumstances. We genuinely believe our product brings Pura Vida to people when faced with the euthanasia of a beloved pet.

Want to help your clients to feel better? It is easy:

  1. Share with them our Free RACE-approved platform. Your clients will be grateful for offering them unique, practical tips for providing a compassionate euthanasia experience at
  2. Free lunch provided! Schedule a 14-minute Zoom Call today to learn about all the benefits of EUTHABAG for you and your clients at [email protected].