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Veterinary Group Spotlight

Too often among businesses, the word “culture” is misunderstood, or simply confused with a mission or value statement, said Mark Ziller, president and CEO of Innovetive Petcare. “Culture is the sum of all of your actual interactions,” he said. “It must be authentic. The question is whether you create and nurture a desired culture with intention, or allow some type of culture to develop organically?”

Ziller and his leadership team built Innovetive Petcare to be culture-first, and the organization’s culture is part of their daily lives and decision-making process, he said. “I’m super proud of our team, and how passionate they all are about our culture. Having a great culture doesn’t make you perfect. An important part of our culture is that it is aspirational, leading us down the path to who we want to be.”

In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, potential employees are going to choose where to work – looking at factors beyond just basics like pay and location. They expect a positive culture, a commitment to professional development, good leadership, work-life balance and more, said Ziller. If a company fails to meet these expectations, they will struggle to attract and retain talent. “Fortunately, small businesses can compete very well on culture, leadership, professional development and other factors that potential employees are seeking,” Ziller said. “Having a strong culture is part of attracting and retaining multi-generational team members.”

Innovetive Petcare has seen strong interest from potential sellers over the past several years. Ziller said the demand in part has been driven by high valuations and concerns about potential changes to the tax code. Beyond the basic economic factors, potential sellers are looking for additional resources and help in areas such as recruiting and marketing, which the right group can bring a lot of value in the partnership.

“The good news for potential sellers is that there is a lot of competition, and valuations are high,” Ziller said. “In today’s environment, a potential seller can choose a partner based on more than just economic factors. They can find a partner that is a good cultural match and that has a track record of actually delivering on their promises. Innovetive Petcare is selective in choosing our partners, and we don’t try to be the right fit for everyone, but we are absolutely focused on living up to our commitments, and feel that really sets us apart in the market.”