Keeping Up With Change Is Challenging For Customers, Producers, DSRS


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In this issue, our feature articles address what happens when producers wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

In “Keeping It Clean” (page 16), we’ve taken the saying literally. In confinement operations it’s a requirement to clean up and get rid of dust and debris before the next shipment of animals arrive. It’s one of the fundamental principles to biosecurity protocols, which are critical to ensuring animal health and production.

DSRs can help their customers choose the right cleaning and disinfecting products that match their pathogen challenges, facilities and employee needs. That’s no small feat! It’s far less stressful to clean up before an outbreak than after.

Sometimes customers will want to start clean with a new brand of product. In “Making the Switch” (page 12), we talk to experienced professionals at MWI about the many reasons customers may want to make a brand switch and how they handle the conversation. It’s a key time in the customer-DSR relationship, and it’s a chance to be a partner.

Change can be an exciting opportunity. We hope you enjoy these articles and are inspired to make your own changes this year.