Level Up with Veterinary Advantage’s Learning Management System


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Veterinary Advantage’s Learning Management System is designed to meet distributor reps’ product training needs.

Are you ready to take your product knowledge to the next level in 2020?

Veterinary Advantage’s Learning Management System (LMS) is powered by the NAVC’s Vetfolio platform. It’s the same training platform for product training needs that veterinary practice customers use every day to acquire their continuing education.

This platform will provide distributor reps with management-approved Featured Product Trainings from multiple manufacturing partners on a variety of products that are important to their business. The Featured Product Trainings will also note incentive opportunities specific to the distributor rep’s company. Also, with the new Veterinary Advantage LMS, distributor reps will be able to log in to track their training progress and completions.

The LMS Portal Founding Sponsor, Boehringer Ingelheim, believes this system will be a valuable tool for distributor reps to utilize in their day-to-day interactions with customers. They will maintain a presence by providing:

  • All Companion, Equine and Livestock available product trainings (not Featured)
  • BI SoundBytes
  • BI Detailers and Brochures
  • BI Videos
  • BI Website Links

Getting started

1. Go to the training portion of the Vet-Advantage website at:

2. In the top right-hand corner, select ‘Sign In’.

3. Enter your email, and click the “Forgot Your Password?” link.

4. You’ll receive a password reset email. Follow the link to create your password and log into the site.