Prevention For Profits

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This issue highlights two ways cattle producers are keeping their herds healthy and productive. One is a tried-and-true method used for years and another is new technology that’s still evolving. This is just one example of how the tools of our industry are changing – yet there is no substitute for the basics.

A breeding soundness exam, or BSE, helps beef producers prevent losses before they even occur (see page 8). There’s nothing fancy about this traditional practice, but there’s no substitute for the expertise of veterinarians. In fact, BSEs likely could help even more producers if scheduled at the proper time and all high-risk bulls were evaluated each year.

On the other hand, digital animal monitoring technology (see page 10) is on the newer end of the scale, and the limits of the devices are still expanding. What can reliably be used now for estrus detection in dairy cattle may soon help producers identify sick animals sooner. As we all know, identifying and treating cows quickly can help avoid drops in production and profitability.

Distributors must know both old tricks and new tactics for keeping livestock producers profitable. There’s no better time for using all the tools of the trade to help prevent losses and become a trusted partner to your customers.