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Merial introduces RECOMBITEK®Oral Bordetella
Merial, part of Boehringer Ingelheim, announced a major addition to its canine vaccine portfolio with the launch of RECOMBITEK Oral Bordetella, a conveniently packaged oral vaccine shown to be effective against canine infectious tracheobronchitis caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica. RECOMBITEK Oral Bordetella is administered in the dog’s buccal cavity (inside the cheek). Clinical studies suggest that as a mucosal vaccine, it offers dogs a robust immune response after a single dose, according to a release.

Nutramax announces the launch of Panzquin™
Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences, Inc. (“Nutramax”) announced the launch of Panzquin™, the first Pancreatic Enzyme Concentrate PLUS Cobalamin, according to a release. The oral cobalamin used in Panzquin™ is bioavailable and has been shown to increase serum cobalamin concentrations in dogs and cats. Panzquin™ provides the enzyme analysis veterinarians expect [Each 2.8 grams of powder (1 teaspoon) contains a minimum of Lipase – 71,400 USP units, Protease – 388,000 USP units, Amylase – 460,000 USP units] PLUS cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12, 500 µg/2.8 grams). Included in the package is a small, helpful scoop with a handle that is longer than the depth of the tub. At only ¼ teaspoon, it allows veterinarians and their clients to choose the appropriate number of scoops for each individual patient’s specific meal size which results in lower client cost and improved client satisfaction. Panzquin™ will be offered in a single 8.1 oz (230 grams) tub size and is available to order now.
Abaxis announces USDA approval of new VetScan FLEX4 Rapid Test
Abaxis, Inc., announced that the USDA, Center for Veterinary Biologics, approved its new VetScan FLEX4 Rapid Test for veterinary use, according to a release. The FLEX4 is a 4-in-1 lateral flow test used for the qualitative detection of Heartworm antigen as well as antibodies for Lyme, Ehrlichia and Anaplasma in canine whole blood, serum, or plasma samples. The FLEX4 Rapid Test is the newest addition to the VetScan Rapid Test product family. The VetScan FLEX4 Rapid Test offers improved shelf-life, ease-of-use, room temperature storage, and price when compared to competing products. Veterinary clinics and hospitals now have a 4-in-1 alternative for vector-borne disease testing on a single cassette. As with all other VetScan Rapid Tests for infectious diseases, results can be easily read by the user within 8-10 minutes. Abaxis plans to begin shipping FLEX4 Rapid Tests to its distributor network later this quarter and the FLEX4 should be available to U.S. veterinarians shortly thereafter.

Zoetis enters high-volume chemistry testing market
Zoetis announced the launch of Carysta HVC (High Volume Chemistry), a stand-alone, chemistry diagnostic instrument designed to bring reference-lab quality testing to high-volume veterinary practices. Carysta HVC offers a menu of 37 routine and specialty parameters, available as singly selected tests or fully customizable panels, all on one system. The instrument offers veterinarians greater operational flexibility than current instrument solutions, while improving quality, productivity, and reducing clinic costs of testing. Availability is expected in March 2018. Carysta HVC is specifically designed for those veterinary practices conducting the highest volume of diagnostic tests, as such practices would benefit from the increased throughput of the instrument. Carysta HVC is based on liquid reagent technology ideally suited for veterinary clinics, reference laboratories, and shelters that need greater throughput and test selection flexibility.