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Veterinary Advantage will roll out new content, ideas, and training in 2020.

As we turn the page from 2019 to 2020, there’s a lot to look forward to in the new year. We’ve got lots of new things planned for our Veterinary Advantage readers. The following are just a few of the changes coming your way.


Based on the results of a survey we conducted recently, the Veterinary Advantage audience wants new ideas and new ways to learn about the animal health business. Podcasts are one of the ways we aim to deliver content that is of interest to you and helpful as a tool to educate your veterinary practice customers. Plus, for outside reps that are on the go, podcasts are a convenient and accessible way to digest information.

In 2020, Veterinary Advantage will roll out a series of monthly podcasts with industry experts. We’re lining up the interviews from sources who will provide insights on everything from industry news, trends, numbers, new ideas, concepts, and technology.


Our digital issues will have a new look in 2020. The goal is to give you a more enriched experience that includes articles, but also videos and links to resources – places where you can go deeper into the concepts presented.

We plan to deliver four digital issues that will focus on bringing a lot more relevant information on topics we believe are important to reps. These will include:

  • A Resource Guide Issue 2020 guide with new SoundBytes, setup guidelines, tax credit information, and manufacturer directory, etc.
  • A Prevention Issue that will cover vaccines, parasiticides, infection prevention, sterilization, diagnostics, etc.
  • A Mixed Animal Practice Issue that highlights MAP needs, preferences, product mix, successful promotions, etc.
  • A Technology Issue that will have information on equipment, new technology, diagnostics, and
    new products.


Our new training platform is a very high-end, master learning management system. Launched in late 2019, it’s part of VetFolio’s technology, which provides online continuing education for veterinarians and gets about 100,000 visits a month. We will utilize that same technology for product training for DSRs. We’re excited about the applications and what we can do with it long-term. Plus, it costs DSRs nothing to access and build training portals!

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