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As I write this, the dreaded cold and flu season is sweeping the nation right now. Yet, livestock producers are tasked with keeping animals healthy and productive 365 days a year.

Almost every discussion with experts in the field includes three components to health: prevention of disease; good management; and effective treatment options. Each component needs the other for optimal productivity – regardless of the livestock species, age or stage.

Prevention takes center stage in “Aiming at Swine Influenza Virus” on page 18. As the article explains, swine influenza virus (SIV) is a complex and ever-shifting disease for swine producers. Vaccination and biosecurity are critical components to limiting the disease’s financial impacts.

A lifetime of dairy calf health and productivity has been linked to illness early in the calf’s life (see “Ready for an Immune Response” on page 42). Yet, nearly a quarter of all dairy calves are challenged with some sort of digestive challenge. Effective, responsive treatment is a key component to getting calves healthy again.

There are hundreds of livestock veterinarians across the country working towards the three-pronged goals of prevention, management and treatment every day. Just look at the long list of award winners from the most recent American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) conference as proof.

Distributors can influence all three areas. At Vet-Advantage, we’re committed to helping you assist your clients in achieving another successful year.