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New platform, VetWatch, delivers critical information to help veterinarians assess the impact of COVID-19 on their practices.

The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC), the publisher of Veterinary Advantage, announced it is teaming up with industry leaders Animalytix, Greenline Pet. and Circa Healthcare to launch VetWatch, a weekly reporting and monitoring service for critical trends and developments impacting the U.S. veterinary profession.

This initiative will provide the data needed to help guide veterinary practice owners, managers, and staff as they make decisions during this extraordinary time. The platform incorporates four core components:

  • Data regarding practice revenues and patient volumes from Practice Information Management
    System (PIMS)
  • Practice purchasing volumes for key therapeutic categories
  • A comprehensive industry survey where we hear directly from the practices on the factors impacting their business and the steps taken to address the issues of the day
  • A resources center where the most important new information for practices can be reviewed and shared with colleagues and friends across the industry.
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Preliminary findings from a soft launch during the week of April 6 found that approximately 82% of veterinary practices are doing curbside only; 62% are no longer doing elective surgeries; and, based on purchasing behaviors, canine and feline core vaccinations and surgical suite procedures are on a steady decline.

“This is an unprecedented time in the veterinary profession as it is in every aspect of people’s lives,” said NAVC CEO Gene O’Neill. “The data we collect and track during the coronavirus crisis will be essential in informing veterinary professionals about what’s happening around them and guiding them about what to do in their own practices. It is an honor to partner with Animalytix, Greenline Pet and Circa Healthcare to help our veterinary community at this difficult and challenging time.”

Graphic of VetWatch Hospital Purchasing Trends interface
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The goal of VetWatch is to deliver the critical information needed by practices to better assess the scope, velocity, and significance of developments in their local market areas. To that end, the VetWatch platform delivers insights for 236 geographic markets across the United States, making it possible for practices to follow not only national trends but also the trends within their unique markets.

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